Marketing System
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EST technology to the production base in Shenzhen, Shenzhen and HK as the marketing center. In overseas markets, super joint products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, the global marketing network is gradually developing and improving them. At present, the EST technology in China, mainly the development of the brand customers, located in the OEM on behalf of the processing plant, and constantly develop new products, new technologies, industry leadership, the new trend, a good grasp of the relevant product raw material procurement, standardize the production relations, and strictly control the quality of customs inspection , follow the principle of zero defect product quality, to provide customers with the highest quality products, best service.


EST technology through the world's major trade show each year and leading trade journals and Web sites to promote their brands, enhance corporate image, to actively develop cooperation with foreign partners and OEM dealer customers.


EST technology from the customer interests, and constantly improve product performance, in all fields to meet the latest systems and technology requirements at the same time, further anticipate customer needs, focus on safety, reliability and environmental requirements, continue to invent and develop new products and new technology, to achieve the goal of maximizing customer value. With our huge marketing service system, fast response and attention to detail of the service, to provide professional, comprehensive technical support and customer needs to provide multi-level, full range of professional and technical training and seminars.